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okcupid Customer Service - +1800-378-0714 Dating Advice

Okcupid Customer Service Phone Number


Okcupid Customer Friendly Service

Let's know a bit about working of okCupid online Dating Site

Okcupid runs an excellent algorithim for performing the perfect match for its users. Okcupid is the perfect dating site and has 30 million active users, with a million logging in every day. It is one of the best dating sites present over the Internet. Nowadays, many online dating sites are present. It becomes difficult for a user to choose the best site among all. If you are in dilemma then we recommend you to go with okcupid. You won’t be disappointed.OkCupid is available on both mobile and desktop, so you have a little bit of flexibility on how you want to play.OkCupid is also abbreviated by the name OKC. Okcupid has the multiple choice questions feature which makes it easy to make a perfect match. OkCupid’s runs on a mutual-like system, meaning two singles have to  like each other before they can talk.The users can also take benefits of homosexual,heterosexual relationships. You can ask for any okcupid help on okcupid customer service phone number +1800-378-0714.

Follow the Step by Step guide to Build Attractive okcupid Profile

Choose perfect partner for yourself on okcupid online dating site. We will provide you with the step by step guide  to build your  attractive okcupid profile.

  • First of all, you need to setup your okcupid account.Okcupid is available on mobile app as well.So, you can use your dating app on your phone as well. After signing up, OkCupid will ask for some basic information including your gender, your interests , your birthday, zip code, ideal relationship length, and a few other basic tidbits. 
  • Next, you have to write bio and upload variety of pictures.Once you’re finished with the initial profile setup, you’ll have the option to answer additional prompts to spice up your profile. 
  • Complete the last step of your profile setup by answering few basic questions. Be honest while answering these questions because being honest is something that is going to help you in long run.
  • OkCupid’s runs on a mutual-like system, meaning two singles have to  like each other before they can talk.
  • Once you get your first match, go ahead and start chatting. If the conversation goes well, don’t hesitate to ask your match on a date and see where it goes.

Get in touch with okcupid Customer Service Executive and get your okcupid issue resolved now

The best way to get in touch with okcupid customer service is via their toll-free Okcupid customer service phone number +1800-378-0714. You have to share your okcupid  issues with okcupid customer service executive and within few minutes your issue will be resolved. You can contact okcupid customer service to solve the following issues:

  • Creating a new profile.
  • Login issue.
  • Recovery of the password.
  • Corporate inquiries.
  • Paid features.
  • Premium membership issue.
  • Hacking or blocking account recovery.
  • Privacy and policy control.
  • Requesting refund.
  • Fixing technical errors.
  • Dating app related issue
  • Unable to receive a 
  • verification code.
  • Canceling premium membership.


Things you should avoid while setting up your okcupid profile

Below mentioned are the few points that you should totally avoid while setting up your profile. These points will help okcupid to get the best match for you. Let’s get started:

  • Never fill up your profile in a hurry. Okcupid gives you a proper time to fill your profile. You need to utilise that time properly.
  • If you are neglecting someone’s profile you are doing a big mistake. Take a moment and go through somebody’s okcupid profile.This way you will get to know what they are actually looking for.
  • You need to use like feature of okcupid app religiously.This is the most amazing feature of this dating site.
  • Sending hey,hello and hi is so boring and won’t get you very far.We again recommend to go through somebody’s profile. It will lead you to more natural coversation.
  • Having only picture on okcupid is total waste. Upload a variety of pictures.The more pictures, the better for you.
  • Never ignore who has viewed your profile.Keep a cool check on this okcupid feature.
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